slipformer and extruder

Hollow core slab can be manufactured both on traditional or on mobile production beds. The slipformer and extruder are supplied with concrete by a concrete spreader. Other machines and software ensure efficient preparation and smooth production processes. Material consumption is optimised and tare weight is kept low to produce highly efficient, sustainable pre-stressed concrete elements which can be quickly connected.

The production line consists of a sliding precast prestressed component forming machine, an all-in-one machine, a cutting machine, a hoisting device, a mixing system, a concrete conveying system, curing system, and a tensioning device. The precast components are produced by the forming machine on the supporting platform (The best applicable length is 120m~150m). The forming machine moves on the platform, and the components are produced by material distribution, extrusion and vibration,and flattening. Just like a moving mold, the concrete can be made into the required shape by moving the equipment. The production line is continuous and uninterrupted. When the strength of the component reaches 70% of the design strength, the prestressed steel bar can be placed, and the component can be cut into required length by the cutting machine equipped with a diamond saw blade.

Custom Design

We supply custom design for your request.

High Precision

High Precision of the Pipe diameter

High Speed

Max can reach 150m/min


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