Stainless steel Tube Mill

This high-precision steel pipe making line is specialized equipment to produce stainless steel welded pipes for decorate pipe and industrial pipe as the customized diameter and thickness. Through optimization design, best materials choice, and accurately fabrication and rolls, the whole line can be reached high precision and high speed.

Tube Diameter: 12mm to 165mm
Square section: 6*6mm to 120*120mm
Strip weight capacity: 1.5MT to 10MT
Strip Thickness: 0.2mm to 6mm
Production Line Speed: 1mm to 15mm
Floor area: 4 x 20m2 to 24 x 100m2
Roller: Quick-change system can be choosed
Contral: Automatic
Speed: High speed and high precision


Uncoiling→ Shearing and butt welding → Leveling→ Forming→ TIG welding → Cooling→ welding Seam leveling → Polishing→ Sizing I→Heat treatment for seam→ Sizing II →Straightening→ Cutting→ Discharging→ Packing

Custom Design

We supply custom design for your request.

High Pressure

High Pressure for all API standard request

High Speed

Max can reach 140pcs/hour


All lift service

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