Orchade Fan

Breif Introduction

Driven by diesel engine, the orchard fan changes the ventilate condition and temperature in a small area by the prnciple of air stream interference. It is used to prevent the plants from frost disaster which always set in at beginning of spring. It mixes the up and boltom air within small area so as to maintain same tempeature around all fruit trees in on Orchard. The fan does good to the growing of friut trees and improve the quality of fruit.

Compared with solar water heating system micro wave sending and biochemical reaction, the orchard fan has low cost, easy to operate, environment friendly and hamless for human beings.

Working principle: the wind is generated through reducer, transmission shaft and upper reducer box driven by diesel engine. At the same time, the gear box at the top can turn with 5 to 8 min. time cost for one turning.

Specification-orchard fan

Two Type Driving

Diesel engine and Motor


High efficient

Covering Area More

Can choose different type and size for differen area


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