3PE coating line- Anticorrosion equipment

Name: Pipe 3PE coating line- Anticorrosion equipment

This mill is coating the pipe as anticorrosion equipment .


Diameter of pipe: 16"-100"
Length of pipe: 8-12mm, Wall thickness:25.4mm.
Weight of pipe: 19000kg
Production capacity:≥450m2/h
Power supply: 380v 60HZ Three-phase Five-wire System
1.2 Types of pipe:
ERW Pipe, SSAW, LSAW, Seamless Tube
1.3 Applicable Coating Range
Be suitable for 3PE、2PE、3PP、FBE、2FBE coating and so on.


Pipe-feeding rack carries qualified pipes to incoming racks, on which steel pipes will be cleaned. And then be sent to external derusting production line. On the derusting line, the end-to end connected pipes go through external cleaning room to clean outer surface. And then go through the preheating furnace for heating. When the temperature of pipe reaches to 40°C to 60°C, the pipe will satisfies the demands of blast cleaning, because the pipe surface moisture is dried at that time.
After preheating, the end-to end connected pipes are transported through the blast cleaning machine. At that time, with he help of the machine, the oxide skin on the pipe external wall is cleaned, which can reach to the standard cleanness, as well as forming anchor pattern, in order to strengthen the adhesion stress between coating layers.
After blast cleaning process, the pipe is tested on the cleaning verify platform, which will make inner pipe blowing, pipe-end processing and inspection. And with the help of V-type conveying line, the unqualified pipes will be transported back to re-blast cleaning, while the qualified pipes will be sent to pipe-feeding rack for next process.
And with the help of coating conveying line, the end-to end connected pipes go ahead. First they will go through acid washing room, high temperature water washing room to wash their surface, and then go through the intermediate frequency heating device,which heats the pipe up to the required temperature. Then, the coated pipe will be sent to water cooling area, and the temperature will drop immediately below 60°C, which will protect the coating layers.
After water cooling, the coated pipe will go through the automatic on-line electric spark missing inspection platform, and then enter to the inspection platform for testing the coating layer thickness and appearance. Then, the qualified pipe will be sent to the pipe-end polishing area.
The function of the pipe-end polishing device is to remove the pipe-end coating layer, to achieve the standard code or the customer's demands, for the follow-up welding.
The last process is spraying logo and package.

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