Pipe expander

Pipe expander is mainly used for expanding the pipe end of spiral welded pipe to let the different batch pipes or different manufacturing pipes to be the same. Then, the onsite pipe connection can be guaranteed.The pipe expander in our company is from Φ325 to Φ1620mm. The pipe wall thickness is from 3mm to 25mm. The material is from Q235B to X100.

Pipe Loading—Pipe Supporting—Head Feeding—Pipe End Expanding—Expanding Head Back Forward —Pipe Dropping—Pipe Exit

The mechanical expander is used to render pipe have extensional deformation so as to distribute the internal stress of pipe uniformly by expanding pipe on expanding head by axial force generated by expanding tools for qualified pipe after forming, inside and outside welding. By strict control the axial distance of tools the extensional deformation is under control as well so that diameter and roundness of pipe can meet API5L standard. During expanding, the pipe is also straightened by the straightening machine C/W pipe expander. 

Custom Design

We supply custom design for your request.

High Precision

High Precision of the Pipe diameter

High Speed

Max can reach 150m/min


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