Steel Pipe Bending machine

Pipe bending machine is mainly used for electric power construction, boiler, bridge, ship, pipe bending machine furniture, decoration and other steel pipe bending, has many functions, reasonable structure, and simple operation.
1.Pipe bending machine adopts touch screen plus CNC module, dialogue operation, programming is simple and easy;
2.Body structure is stable, not easy to deform;
3.Each gear can set 16 bending angles, memory can store 16 sets of files;
4.All slow positioning function, bending Angle stable, repeat accuracy of ± 0.1;
5.Error message is displayed on the screen, help the operator to eliminate immediately;
6.Provide the seat switch pipe processing value, software can be purchased on the table type computer.

This universal bender is manufactured for the precise processing of round, flat, angle or square steel in both cold and hot bending

Custom Design

We supply custom design for your request.

High Precision

High Precision of the Pipe diameter

High Speed

Max can reach 150m/min


All lift service


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