Steel Plate Rolling Machine

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This machine is a hydraulic type three-roll plate rolling machine, which is used to roll steel plates into a cylindrical shape at normal temperature. The upper roller can move vertically and horizontally. Pre-bending is achieved by moving the upper roller horizontally, so that the upper roller is in an asymmetrical position relative to the lower roller. During the rounding, the two lower rollers are driven by the motor and the reducer. Since the elevation of the lower roll remains unchanged, it is easy to feed and operate. Adopt PLC control, the roller displacement adopts digital display。

Custom Design

We supply custom design for your request. Online machine with your request thickness and width

High Speed and Automatic control

Bending with automatic control

2 rollers or 3 rollers and 4 rollers

We supply 3 rollers and 4 rollers as your request.


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The Bending Step-3 Rollers

The Bending Step-4 Rollers

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