Sltting  Line

General Introduction
The mill is mainly used to depart and level the steel coil and the coil will be rolled into slit coil though vertically itemized. The mill adopts PLC control. The precision of itemizing and horizontal shearing is very high.
Our company concludes the experiences of before manufactured slitting line. This mill is designed many mechanisms to have the improvement. In order to guarantee the operation of production line, many parts of this mill adopt hydraulic and pneumatic system, which can reach the partial automatically control. Electrical parts adopt PLC control and total digital DC frequency device, which can reach the linkage and self lock on whole line. It lets the whole line to be simply operated. The worker labor intensity is lower and maintenance is convenient.
Followings are our patent technology:
A. Uncoiler automatical centering function (patent of our company)
It is set with the “centering” button on uncoiler operation stable. When pushing the button, the double cone head centers automatically centering line in accordance to coil center and the center of equipment. Thus, the steel center and equipment center fit without vertical roller adjusting. It can improve the production efficiency and the stability of production process.
B. Shovel knife equipped with supporting roller (patent technology)
This shovel knife adopts our patent technology. Shovel knife equipped with supporting roller greatly improves operability and efficiency. When the coil is clamped by the uncoiller, pressing roller presses the coil and rotates with the uncoiler at the same time to drive the coil to rotate. The shovel knife rises, aims at the coil head and inserts in the first ring of the coil. At the same time, the coil goes on rotating then the first layer of the coil leaves the coil and hangs on the shovel knife. Shovel knife supporting roller rises and props the steel strip, scraper knife descends, the strip goes to the pinch roll supported by the scraper knife carrier roller. 


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