Color Coating Line(CCL)

Color Coating Line(CCL)
Color coating line is that coat the strip surface with organic paint or o rganic film. On the one hand it could protect the
strip surface from rusting, corrosion and reach long time service life. On the o ther hand various kinds of colors and
glosses make th e strip surface present abundant , beautiful appearance. The product could be w idely applied for constru
ction, household electric appliance and decorating industry. According to their appliance, the base plate can
adopt cold rolled strip, galvanized(galvalume) steel strip and aluminum strip .

Process Flow
Coil loading car- Pay- off reel unit- · Entry shear- Sewing machine- Deburring machine- Entry looper- ' Alkali spraying Alkali
brushing- Hot water rinsing- Hot air dryer- Chemical Coater- Hot air drying oven- Primer Coater- Primer coating
curing oven- Air cooling- ' Water cooling- Hot air drying- ' - Finish Coater- Finish coating curing oven- ' (Hot laminator)-
· Air cooling- · Water cooling- Hot air dryer- ' Exit looper- ' (Cold laminator)- Exit shear- · Tension reel- Coil unloading

CCL technology
o Raw material: Cold Rolled strip, galvanized(galvalume) strip and aluminum strip
o Two coating two baking or three coating three baking process are available
o Primer coating: epoxy resin, polyester, polyurethane
o Finish coating: polyester, fluorocarbon, silicone polyesters, polyurethane
o Product category:
Common construction panel, high weather resistant fluorocarbon color coated strip & Household electric appliance plate: PCM plate .. VCM plate .. ECM plate &Functional color plate: antistatic color coated plate, antibiosis plate,
writing plate, white clean plate&Decorating plate: wood panel,drawplate)The line could be equipped with cold and hot laminator, which is adopted for the production of household electric appliance or steel plate for specific
o Adopt catalytic burning for volatile solvent, which save energy consumption
and avoid environmental pollution

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