Steel Pipe Spray coating line

High-pressure mist spraying machine is used for oiling, and the steel pipe is sprayed through the inner cylinder, and 6 spray guns are installed on the inner cylinder in a 360° direction to realize the oiling of the outer wall of the steel pipe.

The spray mark adopts the gantry beam type spray mark, the steel pipe is on the drying bench, and the large gantry beam spray mark bracket with the nozzle moves linearly along the steel pipe to realize the steel pipe spray mark.
The exhaust gas treatment adopts the catalytic combustion treatment system using the "dry paint mist filter + activated carbon adsorption and desorption concentration + catalytic combustion" treatment process, which can effectively treat the exhaust gas pollutants generated by the spray booth, such as toluene, xylene, and non-methane total hydrocarbons.


Steel pipe collection-Feeding and turnover device - Transfer roller (chain) in front of painting machine-Painting machine -Post painting transfer chain-horizontally moving mechanism -Air drying bed-marking -Packing and shipment

Pipe coating Line

Pipe Coating line layout

Custom Design

We supply custom design for your request.

High Precision

High Precision of the Pipe diameter

High Speed

Max can reach 150m/min


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