1. Full-fiber cart type resistance furnace

Use: Mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel castings, ductile iron, rolls, steel balls, 45 steel, stainless steel quenching, annealing, aging and various mechanical parts for heat treatment.
1. Full fiber furnace chamber, super energy-saving structure, using fiber structure, energy saving 60%.
2. Exclusive production using composite high alumina porcelain nail set, cart anti-impact sealing tiles, automatic sealing cart and furnace door, integrated with rail, without foundation installation, placed on the horizontal ground can be used.
3. High precision intelligent table temperature control, accuracy ±1℃, recorder record, sound and light alarm, chain control, safe and reliable operation.
4. Product specifications according to user requirements, can be customized according to the product process, production, specifications, the maximum 4500KW

2. Cart type hot air circulation furnace

Cart type hot air circulation furnace
Use: Mainly used for tempering and tempering process of high chromium steel, mold steel and other special steel, also can be used for tempering and aging of high manganese steel castings, steel balls, crusher hammer heads, rollers, iron-chromium wear-resistant materials and other various mechanical parts for heat treatment.
1、The electric furnace is equipped with hot air circulation device and air guide system, so that the furnace temperature is uniform and the workpiece is heated evenly;
2、The wind shield is made of stainless steel plate pressed and bent, easy to install and maintain, and excellent wind circulation;
3、Electric furnace loading capacity, high productivity, suitable for various types of machine parts tempering, preheating with;
4、The electric furnace lining can adopt full fiber structure to improve the insulation performance of the furnace body, save energy and reduce production cost.

3. Stainless Coil continue bright annealing machine

4. Steel belt type iron powder reduction furnace(hydrogen)

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