Tube Mill

Tube mill is used to produce the water-transported, gas-transported pipes and structured pipes, equipped with annealing equipment, also can produce high strength welded pipe as petroleum and gas-transported pipes and sleeve meet with AP1-5L.

Finishing Equipment for Pipe Line

Pipe Finished Line including: Beveling machine, hydro tester, straightener, threading machine, MF Heat treatment, NLS testing, Automatic Packing

Spare Parts for Tube Mill

Spare parts for all tube mill: Forming Roller, impeder core, Ferrite rod, Shaft, Wire feeding tube, Zn wire, Saw blade,...

Who are we

Suzhou SPT Mill Co, Ltd

Serphitech (SPT) Technology is representing majority of the outstanding steel tube equipment manufactures in China. Since set up in 2014, SPT is committed and dedicated to provide the most cost effective and reliable products to customer worldwide. With the professional knowledge, experience and flexibility ,SPT have ability to integrate all solutions available and to tailor our solutions to satisfy the diverse customer requirement have sustained the successful development. One stop solution is your best choose for machine project, SPT have became the most important supplier of Chinese steel machines on the global market including the one belt and one road market..

Project Case

Oct, 2021
Piercing machine
Oct, 2020
4 pipes hydro tester in UTP Factory
Apri, 2016
High precision steel pipe production line
July, 2017
ERW tube mill
May, 2010
CTL Line
May, 2016
Automatic Straightener

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For Pipe machine, we need the pipe diameter, thickness, length and material grade information.

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